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Upholstery Cleaning Merrill,  Oregon, Rainbow International Restoration

According to the American Home Furnishings Alliance, professional couch and upholstery cleaning should be carried out every 18 to 24 months for residences and more frequently for businesses. This not only prolongs the life of your upholstery, it keeps your indoor air healthier as it eliminates dust and allergens from the fibers of the fabric. Rainbow International Restoration upholstery cleaning in Merrill, Oregon is carried out by professionals using only the highest quality cleaning tools and solutions, leaving you with fresh, clean, and revitalized upholstery once again.

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We recently had major water damage due to a washing machine overflow. Rainbow came out to the house on a Sunday night over a three day weekend and proceeded to take the action necessary to prevent further damage working late into the night. They also completed the entire dry out which took several days and a lot of hard work. Always arrived on time and did what they promised and kept me informed of each step. It was a pleasure to deal with the entire team. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any work of this nature including mold repair and restoration work.
- Frank D.

Our professional furniture cleaning can include the following:

  • Couches & sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Upholstered chairs
  • Drapery
  • Car upholstery
  • Boat upholstery
  • Restaurant chairs & booths
  • Office furniture

Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Process

The American Home Furnishings Alliance recommends professional couch cleaning and upholstery cleaning every 18 to 24 months for residences, and more frequently – at least once a year – for business offices, where daily soiling and wear and tear is more intense.

Rainbow International upholstery cleaners use the most advanced upholstery cleaning tools and products in accordance with the furniture manufacturer’s instructions to clean each piece of furniture or drapery. Our experienced, certified restoration specialists provide the results you want and the best-possible customer service.

Rainbow International Restoration professionals use a thorough 4 step cleaning process to address your upholstery cleaning needs in Merrill, Oregon. This process is comprised of:

  1. Find and identify your cleaning codes – When preparing to clean your upholstery, our Rainbow International Restoration professionals will first find and identify the cleaning code on your furniture. For a couch or chair, this cleaning code is typically found on the underside of one of the cushions.
    • "W" - Will stand for fabrics that should be cleaned with water and water based cleansers.
    • "S" - Will represent fabrics that should not be cleaned with water but with professional dry cleaning processes.
    • "S/W" - Is used to describe furniture that can be cleaned with a combination of water and dry cleaning.
    • "X" - is a rare cleaning code used for fabrics that must be vacuumed and cannot be cleaned using either dry or wet cleaning methods. No matter the cleaning code, Rainbow International Restoration professionals are up for the job.
  2. Prep the furniture.
    After identifying the cleaning code, it’ll then be time to prep your furniture. Rainbow International Restoration professionals will use a stiff brush or cloth to eliminate any loose debris on the upholstery, and stubborn odors or stains will be addressed before the cleaning process begins.
  3. Clean the upholstery.
    After prep the cleaning process will begin. Rainbow International Restoration professionals will follow the code specific guidelines of your furniture upholstery to carry out a thorough and complete cleaning process tailored to your upholstery’s specific needs.
  4. Finish up.
    Once the cleaning is complete, our Rainbow International Restoration professionals will cater to all the finishing touches of your furniture. Wood or metal elements on the upholstery will be polished to a mirror-like shine leaving your furniture looking completely fresh and new again.

Why Choose Rainbow International for Professional Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning?

Rainbow International Restoration professionals use only the most advanced and innovative technologies when carrying out our Merrill, Oregon upholstery cleaning jobs. Customers are left with furniture that is restored to its original state of health and beauty.

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Consider adding Rainbow International upholstery cleaning and other cleaning services to your quarterly or yearly cleaning schedule. Rainbow International upholstery cleaning is a fantastic complement to other emergency and non-emergency fire and water services, cleaning and deodorizing services, and reconstruction services such as these:

There’s a Rainbow on the Other Side of Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

When your furniture is looking worse for wear or has a stain that needs professional help, call Rainbow International for upholstered furniture cleaning and restoration services. Our customers love the look and feel of freshly cleaned furniture and drapes, and so can you! Contact your local Rainbow International to request a job quote, or call (855) 724-6269 for 24/7 emergency service.

Let your local Rainbow International cleaning experts help you find your "Happily. Even after."